Online Symposium 2022

The 2022 Online Symposium of the Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy took place on June 17-18, 2022. More than 120 people registered to join the symposium (although not everyone ultimately joined the conversation). We discovered the work of 15 presenters new to the network, working on more than 12 countries in Asia, from Japan to India. 

Inspired by presentations on how movies, poetry and literature can transmit environmental views, for instance in Turkey and India, we explored the role of art to express experiences of our relation to the natural world that are hard to verbalize within the rigidity of the words and languages.

We learned from the more practical side of environmental activism and the practice of environmental law through cases in the Philippines and Indonesia. This led us to reflect on how environmental philosophy can be relevant to drive real-life changes, and on how practice in the field can inform theoretical approaches.

We also were confronted with the challenges of the entanglements between religious beliefs, traditional practices and representations of environmental degradation. Two workshops –on the meanings of “nature” and on nationalism in environmental philosophy in Asia– and several presentations gave us the opportunity to approach these aspects. Discussions reflected that diverse interest groups propose divergent explanations and solutions to the environmental crisis, and sometimes resort to rhetorical patterns of identity politics. Environmental philosophy risks getting caught up in the games of nationalism and being used to push religious or political agendas. In addition, “Asian” environmental philosophies are exposed to eco-orientalism and auto-orientalism tropes.

As a whole, the 2022 NAEP Online Symposium gave us the opportunity to have fascinating discussions and inspired us to continue developing the network. We were deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to making the exchanges so fruitful. In the month following the symposium, we plan to meet again virtually with motivated people to brainstorm and start a new common project (if you are interested in joining us, please send us an email at ).

Stay connected for more updates and upcoming events!

The 2022 NAEP Online Symposium was also made possible thanks to the organization team: Marie Lagasca-Hiloma, Duy Hung Nguyen, Rika Fajrini, Romaric Jannel, Orika Komatsubara, Laÿna Droz.

(PAST) Program 2022

2022 Online Symposium of the Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy

Dates: 17-18 June 2022. Participation is free. The symposium will be held on zoom.

Theme: Diversity of Environmental Philosophies in Asia
Environmental philosophy explores the ways we, humans, relate to the environment. The environmental crisis urges us to (re-)explore how we relate and act towards the natural world. Approaches to environmental philosophy broadly conceived are highly diverse. This diversity is also reflected within traditions and grassroots perspectives on environmental issues in Asia. Therefore, there is a need to develop, exchange and make accessible these approaches to foster dialogue towards sustainable solutions:

  • Can we speak of “Asian Environmental Philosophy”?
  • How is environmental philosophy conducted and practised in different contexts and traditions in Asia?
  • What are the influences of these ideas on the local ways of life?
  • What could be the role of Asian environmental philosophies in a global context?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities faced by environmental philosophy scholars in Asia?
  • What is the role of Indigenous knowledge in Asia to address environmental issues?

Language: The primary language of the conference is English. We aim to be non-native friendly, so we make it a rule that we speak slow and accessible English.

Trailers of the movies to be discussed on June 18th by Jain Pankaj:



For more informations, updates and questions, please check out this page or NAEP’s Facebook page, or contact us by email (

(PAST) Calls for Papers: 2022 Online Symposium of the Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy


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