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For linguistic convenience, we choose to arrange the list of our members by country (or region) of affiliation alphabetically. We list here only a few selected publications that reflect the expertise of the author.

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  • Hadje C. Sadje. Expertise: Environmental Activism


  • Anonymous contacts


  •  Shan Gao. Department of Philosophy, Soochow University. Expertise: Environmental Aesthetic, Zhuang Zi.
  • Yang CHEN. Hangzhou Normal University, China. Chinese Society for Environmental Philosophy (中国自然辩证法研究会环境哲学专业委员会, literally translation: Environmental Philosophy Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature). Expertise: Environmental Ethics, History and Philosophy of Ecology
  • Anonymous contacts


  •  Subarna De. Rachel Carson Center, LMU, Munich. Expertise: Bioregionalism, indigenous studies, heritage studies, postcolonial ecocriticism, research to practice, human and cultural geography, environmental humanities


  • Nikoleta Zampaki. NKUA, Greece. Expertise: Environmental Humanities, Posthumanities, Digital Humanities, Comparative Literature, Literary Theory, Modern Philosophy



  • Pankojini Mulia. Rajendra University, Balangir. Expertise: Environmental Sustainability, Kantian Ethics, Eco-Spiritualism, Business Ethics
  • Shankar Prakash Alagesan. University of Madras, India. Expertise: Conservation philosophy, Green Criminology, Policing wildlife.
  • Kinjal Ahir. Sardar Patel University, India. Expertise: Economic incentives for environmental protection.
    • 2018, International Experiences of Solar Seawater Desalination for agricultural irrigation: Exploring the prospects for Kutch district. In Swain, M. and Kalamkar, S.S. (Eds.) Water governance in India: Issues and Challenges, Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd. New-Delhi.
  • Vijay Ahir. India. Expertise: Economic incentives for environmental protection.
    • 2018, International Experiences of Solar Seawater Desalination for agricultural irrigation: Exploring the prospects for Kutch district. In Swain, M. and Kalamkar, S.S. (Eds.) Water governance in India: Issues and Challenges, Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd. New-Delhi.
  • Rajnikant P. Parsaniya. Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India. Expertise: Environmental activism.
  • Hari Narayanan. IIT Jodhpur. Expertise: Philosophy of Mind, Mindfulness
    • “Voice in the Head: The Road Ahead” in Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research.
    • “Freedom, Responsibility and Jurisprudence”, Balkan Journal of Philosophy, Vol. Vol 10 Issue 1 , pp 55-62, 2018


  • Motohiro Kumasaka 熊坂 元大. Tokushima University. Expertise: Comparative environmental Ethics, Environmental virtue ethics, Social ecology
  • Masako Ichihara 一原 雅子. Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), Kyoto, Japan. Expertise: Climate Change Litigation, Just Transition, Climate Change Adaptation, Envionmental Law.
    • 2020. Implication and scope of Urgenda Foundation v. the State of the Netherland, Proceedings of 2020 Academic Conference of Academic Society of Environmental Law and Policy, pp.10-17.

    • 2021. Implication and background of Urgenda Foundation v. the State of the Netherland: Comparisons with related foreign cases, Environment and Justice, pp. 33-36.

  • Laÿna Droz (Network coordinator). Kyoto University, Kyoto. Expertise: Global environmental ethics, Environmental policy, Milieu studies.
  • Theeravee Jitmahanirun. Kyoto University, Japan. Expertise: Chinese and Japanese philosophy, Eastern metaphysics
  • Hatsue Koizumi. Minamata Disease Museum, Japan. Expertise: Environmental activism
  • Roman Pașca. Kyoto University, Japan. Expertise: Japanese premodern philosophy, philosophy of nature
  • Lehel Balogh. Hokkaido University, Japan. Expertise: Comparative Philosophy and Ethics
  • Romaric Jannel. Kyoto University, Japan. Expertise: Japanese philosophy, Buddhist thought, European philosophy
  • Yuko Tokuyasu. Kyushu university, Japan. Expertise: Animism.

South Korea

  • Anonymous contacts


  • Anonymous contacts


  • San Tun. Department of Buddhust Philosophy , Dhammaduta Chekinda University.
  • Anonymous contacts


  • David R. Goyes. University of Oslo, Norway. Expertise: Green Southern Criminology

The Philippines

  • Mira Reyes. University of Pardubice Centre for Ethics, Czech Republic. Expertise: Animal Ethics
  • Jon Neil. Philippines. Expertise: Environmental activism and environmental philosophy
  • Noel S. Parinas, LPT, PhB, MAPh, PhD, JD, LtCol(Res). Benguet State University Philippines. Expertise: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Education, Ethics
  • Cris T. Zita, SMRIEdr. CHRIST – DJAPMNHS, Philippines. Expertise: Education / Nature / Gardening
  • Joyce Cabiao. DepEd, Philippines. Expertise: Bioethics
  • John Paul L. Copo. San Beda College – Alabang Expertise: Continental and Analytic Philosophy
  • Charles Jason P. Cahilig. University of the Philippines, Manila. Expertise: Bioethics.
  • Jerry D. Imbong. Visayas State University. Expertise: Marxist ecology, environmental philosophy, peace studies
  • Concordia Marie Andres Lagasca-Hiloma. Mapúa University; University of the Philippines, Philippines. Expertise: Ethics, Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Technology Ethics
  • Noel S. Pariñas, Department of Education, Philippines. Expertise: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Education, Ethics.
  • Jeffrey L. Bartilet, PhD. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Expertise: Peter Kropotkin, Murray Bookchin, Asian Environmental Thought
  • Ryan C. Urbano. Cebu Technological University, Philippines. Expertise: Environmental ethics, philosophy of religion, political philosophy
    • “Ecological Caring: An Environmental Ethics Approach” in Walking with the Earth: Intercultural Perspectives on Ethics of Ecological Caring, eds. Ignace Haaz and Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ékué
    • “Prolegomena to a Virtue Approach to Environmental Ethics”, Diwa: Studies in Philosophy and Theology Vol. 43, No. 1 (May 2019): 49-63.
    • (Textbook Chapter) “Environmental Ethics” in The Ground of Morality and the Search for the Good Life (Cebu City, Philippines: University of San Carlos Press, 2018).
    • Virtue and Climate Ethics” Philippiniana SACRA XLVII, No. 140 (Special Issue, 2012): 501-506.
    • A Critico-Ethical Analysis of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act of 1998” PHAVISMINDA Journal 7 (May 2008): 81-91.


United Arab Emirates

  • Arianne Conty. American University of Sharjah. Expertise: Philosophy of nature; the Anthropocene; environmental philosophy; animism and nature; asian philosophy and nature.
    • 2019 “Religion in the Anthropocene” in the Journal Environmental Values, forthcoming.
    • 2018 “The Politics of Nature: New Materialist Responses to the Anthropocene” in the Journal Theory, Culture & Society, Volume 35 (7-8): 73-96.
    • 2017 “How to Differentiate a Macintosh from a Mongoose: Technological and Political Agency in the Age of the Anthropocene” in Zwier/Lemmons/Blok/Winner (eds.), Special Issue of the journal Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, October: 1-24. ISSN: 1091-8264, DOI: 10.5840/techne2017102473.
    • 2016 “Who is to Interpret the Anthropocene? Nature and Culture in the Academy” in Dillet, Benoît (ed.) “GeoPower: A Strato-Analysis of the Anthropocene” Special Issue of the journal La Deleuziana, 4/April: 19-44. ISSN 2421-3098.

United States of America

  • Rika Tsuji. University of North Texas, the United States of America. Expertise: Philosophy for Children, Feminism, Public Philosophy, Biocultural Conservation
    • 2019 Under review, “Revisiting the Community of Philosophical Inquiry through the Lens of Arendt and Butler,” Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice.
    • 2019, “Kodomonotetsugaku, Citizenship-kyōiku no shitenkara” [A perspective from philosophy for children and citizenship education],” Kankyo Rinri [Environmental Ethics], 2, 106-113.


  • Nguyen Duy Hung. SOLEN, Director, Vietnam. Expertise: Environmental  Research & Consulting.

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