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For linguistic convenience, we choose to arrange the list of our members by country (or region) of affiliation. We list here only a few selected publications that reflect the expertise of the author.

If your country does not yet appear here, it means that we have no contact yet, so you could be the first to contribute to start the bridge! Please contact us!


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  • Name, Kanji. Affiliation. Expertise:
    • Publication1 title in English
    • Publication2 title in English


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  • Hari Narayanan. IIT Jodhpur. Expertise: Philosophy of Mind, Mindfulness
    • “Voice in the Head: The Road Ahead” in Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research.
    • “Freedom, Responsibility and Jurisprudence”, Balkan Journal of Philosophy, Vol. Vol 10 Issue 1 , pp 55-62, 2018


  • Motohiro Kumasaka 熊坂 元大. Tokushima University. Expertise: Comparative environmental Ethics, Environmental virtue ethics, Social ecology
  • Laÿna Droz (Network coordinator). Kyoto University, Kyoto. Expertise: Global environmental ethics, Environmental policy, Milieu studies.
    • Droz, L. 2018, Watsuji’s Idea of Self and the Problem of Spatial Distance in Environmental Ethics, European Journal of Japanese Philosophy, Vol. 3., pp.145-168.
    • Droz, L. 2018, Cross-cultural Environmental Ethics and Activism in Japan and Taiwan, Proceedings of the International Conference on Multicultural Democracy, May 10th– 13th 2018, Fukuoka, Japan, pp.281-292.

South Korea

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The Philippines

  • Mira Reyes. University of Pardubice Centre for Ethics, Czech Republic. Expertise: Animal ethics.


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  • Nguyen Duy Hung. JNK, Vietnam, Senior Consultant. Expertise: Environmental Consulting & Research.

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