About us

The Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy (NAEP) was founded by a group of scholars in the field of environmental philosophy in Asia in 2019.

Our primary goal is to support works related to environmental philosophy within Asian traditions of thoughts broadly conceived or related to grassroots perspectives on environmental issues in Asia. We want to provide a platform to foster communication and exchanges between people working in Asian environmental philosophy. To achieve this goal, we will exchange and collect information about ideas, publications, books, issues, etc. regarding environmental philosophy in Asia.

We are now at the very beginning of the project, so please feel free to contact us and join us! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Currently, two network coordinators are in charge of the coordination and website and social media management of the network. If you are want to become active, or if you found something in need of improvements, your help is more than welcome! Please get in touch!

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