Newsletter June 2022

Dear all,

We want to thank everyone who interacted in the process of organizing as well as during the two days of the 2022 Online Symposium of the Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy. We wrote a short feedback here. We are also working on some video presentations that we will publish soon.

We will organize an open discussion online to discuss what to do as our next common project (for instance along the lines of our previous project on the meanings of Nature in East and South-East Asia). If you are interested in collaborating on our next common project, please fill up your availabilities here by July 6th.

Other upcoming events and calls:

As usual, if you have any question, suggestions, event, publications, call for paper, ideas for projects or anything else to share, please feel free to contact us!

Best wishes,

Orika Komatsubara and Laÿna Droz 
Coordination for the Network of Asian Environmental Philosophy

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